I believe in education and human values, which I try to pass on in my lectures worldwide. The guiding thread throughout my life is a fascination of the human being and psyche.


I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where I played the violin in youth orchestras and graduated music school. After studying law, psychology and literature at the University of Zagreb I moved to Germany. In Berlin I was working as a radio journalist, had my second and third child and became a manager, both of my family and of my husband, the horn player Radovan Vlatković. 


Besides my work in journalism and arts management, I turned my attention increasingly to lecturing and consultancy work. I deepened my knowledge at the Paracelsus School in Munich, trained as a systemic consultant and family therapist. Later I specialised further as a Mental Coach and Trainer for musicians, teachers and professors, became a licensed Burnout and Stress Management Consultant and completed a postgraduate studies in sport psychology. 


Having spent more then thirty years married to a classical musician, and being a musician myself, I decided to use my knowledge to work with musicians in an industry I am very passionate about.


Today I work worldwide as a Mental Coach, hold workshops and lectures, mainly for musicians, and teach music teachers.


I live near Salzburg, Austria, and have six children.